From the Banks of Wistar (HB)

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About the Book

Uniquely styled and blended into an adventure of a lifetime, Hoffmann takes readers on a journey into the past that affects all they do today. From the Banks of Wistar is a story of his life and so much more including subtle discussions on social and environmental issues that we, as a people, continue to ignore today. More importantly, the author shares with his readers a journey of entertaining experiences, thought-provoking truths, and insightful knowledge—knowledge the history books omit. Welcome to the adventurous journey From The Banks of Wistar.


About the Author

Culminating with a master’s thesis, degrees in engineering and education, majoring in English, it is not surprising that Hoffmann would become the author of a book. Throughout his career, Gary worked for a major newspaper company, worked as an educator in the public school system, and functioned as a technical analyst for AT&T, Lucent Technologies, and Agere Systems. Hoffmann is also an army veteran of the Vietnam era.


(2021, Hardback, 278 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review