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Finding Home                               

The Adventures of Smokey the Cat

By: Jennifer Browne

About the Book

Smokey the Cat has found his forever home, and he’s very protective of it and his new and loving family. But one day, while out hunting, he comes across the strangest cat he’s ever seen, who follows him home!

What should Smokey do now?


About the Author  

Jennifer Browne is a writer, illustrator, and elementary school teacher. Married for twenty years, she is also the mother of two teenage daughters and three fur babies. A tight-knit family, they enjoy watching movies, playing games, and eating together.

As a teacher, Browne is passionate about promoting acceptance and diversity. She often finds that a love of animals connects us all. Based on true events, Finding Home: The Adventures of Smokey the Cat is written with a mind toward diversity. Instead of fearing what’s unfamiliar, this story aims to inspire curiosity and acceptance of diversity among children—and adults—of all ages. A valuable lesson to us all!


(2019, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review