Eggy the Egg and the L.B.N. Club

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Eggy the Egg and the L.B.N. Club
Amy E. Madge

One day, Eggy the Egg sees Suzy crying. When he asks her what the problem is, Suzy tells Eggy that the other kids do not want her in their game of tag.

Now, Eggy the Egg does not want people sad. If he could find a way to make them happy, you can be sure he will be on his way to do that. And so it is with Suzy.

To the playground Eggy and Suzy go. A talk with the other kids and they all know that what they did to Suzy was wrong. After all, they all have been to the same kind of situation before.

But what about the L.B.N. then? Im sure you will want to find out in the book.

About the Author

Amy E. Madge grew up and has been in Westwood, Massachusetts, all her life. She works in the medical field. She enjoys writing, photography, family, friends, and time in Maine at the beach.

(2013, Paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review