Egg Carving for Beginners: Techniques to Creating Exquisite Eggs - eBook

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Egg Carving for Beginners

By: Katy Nuetzel Wilson


About the Book

This book is meant to assist anyone with the desire to learn how to cut, carve or etch eggs with the basics. It will take you through the different stages it takes to get the end results you desire. There are many techniques an egg artist can use with a carved or cut egg. With this guide, you will find what works best for you and push your imagination to the limits. This book shows a variety of ways to attempt many of these techniques, along with photographs showing the steps of each process. With this book, you can follow along at your own pace and follow techniques step by step without having to pause and play a video when you're ready to move on. Whether you're truly a beginner or just looking to expand your Egger knowledge, Egg Carving for Beginners will give you the basics and serve as an easy reference anytime you need it!


About the Author

Katy Nuetzel Wilson has been a corrections officer, police dispatcher most of her life. She lives in Tennessee with her amazing husband and dogs and has an extraordinary son. She has always been into crafts of some kind but finally found the one that fulfills her artistically and continuously challenges her creativity. She carves eggs as a hobby, makes YouTube videos, and does live tutorials in her group called egg carving and etching on Facebook. She enjoys sharing her knowledge to encourage others to not only try egg carving but to succeed at it. Sometimes when she has extra eggs, she sells her works of art on Etsy under the name of Keepsakecarving.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review