Baptism Under Fire: The Journey of a Black Man Volume 1 - HB

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Baptism Under Fire: The Journey of a Black Man Volume 1

By: Shaheem L Dantzler M.D.


About the Book

Baptism Under Fire is a journey through the eyes of Shaheem L. Dantzler, a young black man in America. He delivers a balanced diet of romance, life, death, fatherhood and brotherhood, as well as family and friends. An all-around picture of his journey, sex, drugs, women, anything you can think about, will be depicted from his life point of view from childhood up until adulthood. Dantzler hopes to reach the minds of the youth as well as the older generation of black men in this world. Healing, growth, and positivity is what this book is mostly about—falling and believing that you can pick yourself up time after time in times when the last time feels like the worst time.

About the Author

Shaheem L Dantzler M.D., enjoys traveling, movies (all different kinds of genres), music (mostly R&B, jazz, rock, and hip-hop), playing instruments (violin, drums), hikes, painting, writing, and supporting the black community in every way he can.


(2023, hardback, 102 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review