A Whisper in the Wind - eBook

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A Whisper in the Wind

By: Larry Michael Scott

About the Book

While visiting his grandfather for the last time, Tom reminisces over the adventures of his father’s youth. A small Midwestern town with big secrets, Tom’s father, Jim, stumbles over what remains of a dark past. Ghosts of murdered African Americans finally find a voice for their story through a young boy’s unwillingness to allow their story to be forgotten.

                A Whisper in the Wind is a trip back in time that shows the mysteries, sacrifices, and loyalty of a family thrown into the chaos of the 1960s.


About the Author

Larry Michael Scott is a first-time author. When not creating his own stories, he enjoys reading, watching, or listening to others’ stories. His attitude is simple: “Tell me a good story, sing me a good song, and inspire me to continue my life’s journey.”

 (2017, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review