A Mutt's Mentality

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A Mutt’s Mentality

by Bill Mess


Mutts are a mix; they have many different traits of many different breeds. This makes them see the positives in all different kinds of dogs of all different shapes and sizes. The message of A Mutt’s Mentality is one of acceptance and seeing the good in everyone you meet.


About the Author

Bill Mess has worked with the elderly in long-term care for over thirty years and finds working with people who have lived a lifetime very rewarding. He is very close to his family and has learned so much from all of them. He will always remember his father saying to him at a young age, “There is something to be learned from every situation.” Bill has taken this attitude to heart, making it his mentality in everything he does.


(2022, hardbound, 40 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review