A Black Girl with the Blues

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A Black Girl with the Blues

By: Sarah Porter-Liddell


About the Book

Through a rough period of depression, author Sarah Porter-Liddell wrote and expressed all she felt within this collection on survival; she writes real and raw emotions that we don’t often get to see from black women experiencing during depression. As her depression lifted, Liddell became more reflective on her past and in her current work, she aims to provide a deeper look into the mind of one Black woman on a journey through pain, love, and anger. She wants to encourage other women to look inside of themselves and find the courage to address their pain and focus on healing.

About the Author

Sarah Porter-Liddell is a scholar and academic. She has been working in higher education for many years and found her passion in social justice and equity after her own experiences with racism and injustice within the workplace. She considers herself a foodie, dog mom, and a bigger-bodied black woman focusing on healing every day.


(2023, paperback, 34 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review