For a Little Black Girl

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For a Little Black Girl

By:  Shanté D. Gray


For A Little Black Girl is the perfect book to help empower and build self-confidence as a young Black girl grows into adulthood. Many Black girls grow up being teased about their skin color or hair. Composed of reaffirming phrases, For A Little Black Girl is a reminder that your Black skin is beautiful; your hair is beautiful; your mind is beautiful; YOU are beautiful!


About the Author

Shanté D. Gray loves cooking, sports, and being a great mother. As a little girl, her mother never told her she was beautiful or cared enough to encourage her. She was a little girl lost in the big world. Being bullied everyday placed a hamper on her self-love. There were days that she felt like she was giving up, but her Aunt Margaret T. Brooks was always her main motivator. She never doubted her and uplifted her. After having her own daughter, Gray was then motivated to create For A Little Black Girl as a reminder for her as to how wonderful she is.


(2021, paperback, 30 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review