Zeroing: Witness to God so as an entrance to a parallel world

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Zeroing: Witness to God so as an entrance to a parallel world

By: Angel Volnaya


About the Book

Zeroing is author’s personal experience with Divine Love. Angel provides testimony of Bible prophecy which interacts with the visible and invisible world.

After reincarnation guidance, Volnaya share her knowledge about past lives. She’s supposed to have her last life and chance to give this opportunity of spiritual healing. Message in real facts provide protection against malwares on our spirit. This book is about how to recognize which thoughts are real in our minds. It teaches the reader how to let go of all diseases and open their heart without knowledge of religions.

Angel Volnaya reconnects scientific facts in a logical manner to determine that we are all dependent on the concept of the interaction between the past and the present moment. Humanity entered a new dimension of spiritual life. By reading, you will connect to the Boundless Love of humanity and raise your own vibration.

About the Author

Angel Volnaya was born in Ukraine in 1987. She predicted ten days before the Russian attacks on Ukrainian territory that it would happen. From childhood, she studied theology, quantum physics theory, and purification of the body. Volnaya also worked with Tarot cards, reincarnation practices, and Reiki healing. She believes herself to be a prophet to prepare spirits for the End of the days.


(2023, paperback, 312 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review