Worlds, The King’s Pawn

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Worlds, The King’s Pawn

By: Mike Cahill


About the Book


"Worlds, the King's Pawn" is an epic battle of good versus evil. The story is written from multiple character's point of view as it follows the journeys of several sentient super beings in the Zynon Galaxy. The characters explore a wide array of deep matters, including the meaning of consciousness, sentience, freewill, artificial intelligence, and the purpose of existence itself.


About the Author


Mike Cahill is very interested in current events. After attending the University of Massachusetts, he received a bachelor's degree in Political Science, and considers himself a student of history. He has worked in information technology for nearly thirty years and has a particular interest in Cloud Identity Security.


"Based on characters created by Mike Cahill and Alex Moll"


(2022, paperback, 252 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review