Working Small, Thinking Big - eBook

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Working Small, Thinking Big

By: Ruth M. Gilbert


About the Book

Working Small, Thinking Big shares the incredible work that originates from a lifetime as an artist. Ruth M. Gilbert has created images for large-scale outdoor sculpture installations in her Yonkers, NY "Yoho" studio. These images, along with figurative painting, are the backbone of this new book. Her ever-expanding vision emerges from reading, travels, interest in history, especially archaeology, and studying the work of contemporary artists. With a new found mastery of her Epson printer, this has resulted in this first published book.


About the Author

Ruth M. Gilbert is the mother of two sons and is a long-time resident of the River Towns in New York. She currently lives with her life partner in an apartment overlooking the Hudson River.


(2021, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review