Whispers in the Cedars: Port Gibson, Mississippi’s Wintergreen Cemetery

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Whispers in the Cedars: Port Gibson, Mississippi's Wintergreen Cemetery
by William L. Sanders

The purpose of this book is not only to list those laid to rest in this beautiful, historic burial ground, but also to provide an easy and accurate way to locate specific graves, by using the maps and locations referenced within. In this, author Sanders has admirably succeeded. Thoroughly researched, Whispers in the Cedars provides a systematic guide to this revered resting place in Port Gibson, Mississippi. Wanting to let the stones speak for themselves, Mr. Sanders records the information contained on each gravestone. And an extensive Index of Last Names offers ready access to the contents. It is my sincere wish that the reader will find this book not only valuable as a genealogical reference tool, but may find it entertaining as well. I hope you enjoy it! Again, a wish fulfilled in this book of remembrance and dedication.

(2016, Paperback, 248 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review