Wake Up, Sleepy Head! - eBook

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Wake Up, Sleepy Head!

by Shayla Nivia Holmes


Every day with a toddler is filled with teachable moments and joyous adventures. Toddlers remind us to stop and smell the roses and give us many reasons to smile and celebrate small moments from our everyday life.


This charming story reminds children of the importance of morning routine habits that are essential every day! It also reminds parents that it is completely ok to have fun with their little ones during this time!



About the Author


Shayla Nivia Holmes is a proud United States Marine Corps wife for over ten years, married to Major Andrew L. Holmes. This has allowed her and her family the luxury of travelling the world, one of her passions. They have moved, domestically and internationally, six times over the past decade. The couple has three children: daughters Kirsten Elizabeth Holmes and Jayda Sanai Holmes and son Andrew Lamar Holmes, Jr., “AJ.”

               In addition to travelling, she enjoys trying different cuisines and splurging at her favorite restaurants. She also enjoys writing for children and spending time with her family.


(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review