Victim of Silence: Surviving a Crime No One Talks About

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Victim of Silence: Surviving a Crime No One Talks About

By: One of Many


About the Book

Victim of Silence is an attempt to bring awareness to male victims of sexual assault without denigrating other victims in hopes of men being able to finally come forward and get help and counseling. And to also raise awareness of the public to try to help end victim-blaming as well as show the realities of sexual assault in the legal system.

About the Author

While remaining anonymous, which is explained in the book. This is the story of my life with sexual abuse and assault. What I endured. What I thought and felt. Why nothing was done. And how I tried to cope and get through it, including attempted suicide. Finally, it gives the reality of life for victims after the assault ends and how hard, if not impossible, it is to actually move past it and have a healthy relationship… or even to trust again.


(2023, hardback, 138 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review