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Uptown Lawyer

By: Richard L. Collins

About the Book

High-powered defense attorney Robert B. Collins recounts his pulse-pounding cases in this new book, Uptown Lawyer. Collins’ clients are as famous and flamboyant as he himself:  pop music superstar Michael Johnson, Scott Garrison accused of murdering his unborn child and wife, and Mark Ruckerberg who needs his security advice. Through it all, Collins is guided by his dogged investigations and his oath to follow always his founding Mission Statement—DEFEND AND PROTECT INNOCENT VICTIMS WHO DO NOT HAVE THE ABILITY TO DEFEND AND PROTECT THEMSELVES, ABOVE ALL I WILL ALWAYS SEARCH FOR AND BASE MY POSITION ON THE TRUTH

About the Author

Richard L. Collins was born in Casper, Wyoming, but raised in Sunnyvale, California. He attended Fremont Union High School and San Jose State University. Thankfully prodded by his father to learn a trade, Collins entered the electrical industry, where he worked enjoyably for forty years. His expertise centered on the management of people and searching out “their secrets of personal production.”

Retired now for twenty years, Collins has discovered that his lifelong love of reading has blossomed into a desire to write as well.

Collins has been married for fifty-five years; he and his wife live in the heart of technical utopia—Silicon Valley.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review