Two Short Stories by Michael G Hoback

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Two Short Stories

By: Michael G Hoback


About the Book

Two Short Stories is a small yet unique collection from writer Michael G Hoback which includes both “Second Chance” and “Rainmaker.” Each fictional story will take the reader away from their current reality into a new and exciting one. The vivid details of each story make it feel as though the reader is watching the story unfold at a movie theatre. Both stories are written with the intent of bringing emotions and dreams to the readers.

About the Author

Michael G Hoback was born and raised in the backwoods of West Virginia. He writes stories with the hope of entertaining people and uses as much detail as possible in his stories. His biggest desire as a writer is to bring forth emotions from his readers. In his spare time, Hoback loves reading and enjoying the great outdoors.


(2023, paperback, 32 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review