Truly Yours: A Dream Interpretation Procedure

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Truly Yours: A Dream Interpretation Procedure

By: James A. Bassett

About the Book

Truly Yours A Dream Interpretation Procedure is about dreams and how to interpret them. People dream every night but seldom understand what they mean. However, these dreams apply to what is happening in an individual's life, and so they are very important to understand. The procedure in Chapter 1 is a logical solution to how to understand what a dream means. Bassett believes that your subconscious is always awake and working for you. In this book, readers can learn how to understand the messages their subconscious is sending them.

About the Author

James Bassett holds a master’s degree in Quality Systems and spent a great deal of his time writing procedures for production and quality operations in a number of companies. He has used these organizational skills to write an instructional procedure for interpreting such confusing things as dreams. Mr. Bassett and his wife just celebrated their 60th anniversary. All of his children and grandchildren attended the celebration. He is currently over eighty-two years of age and has had a multitude of health problems, but his mental faculties do not seem to have been affected. He hopes that readers can learn from this helpful instructional manual.

(2022, Paperback, 70 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review