Toadina: The Story of a Lady Toad (A Fable by Raynn Walker Jr., Illustrated by Freddrick Campioni Garcia

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by Raynn Walker Jr. Did you ever wonder how frogs and toads came to make their croaking noises? Well Raynn Walker Jr.s charming story, Toadina: The Story of a Lady Toad A Fable, reveals one intriguing explanation for this unusual sound and offers a lesson on acceptance and dignity as well. Toadville is a tight-knit community with ladies who keep an eye on everyone living there and everything that happens in town. However, a new neighbor throws them into a tizzy because of her unusual appearance. Lucky for them, Toadina is not the sort to hold a grudge. Read Toadina: The Story of a Lady Toadto find out why and learn the difference between bad manners and doing the right thing. ABOUT THE AUTHOR Raynn Walker Jr. is a creative art director who creates and designs corporate theme parties for conventions. He is a graduate of Texas A&I College and the Parsons School of Design, an affiliate of New York University, and is also a member of the San Antonio North Chamber of Commerce, who enjoys designing and creating all aspects of art from painting and sculpture to interior/exterior home design to clothing and jewelry and has illustrated two how-to party books. (2005, Paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review