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To the "Awoken Global Citizens" everywhere on this planet who, as predicted by the ancient Mayans, in the year 2012, awoke to a new life of peace, harmony, and sharing.....let me explain to you WHY THE DINOSAURS WERE SO BIG and other revelations

By: Michael David Mast


About the Book

After examining the realities of life very closely, Michael David Mast has made some shocking realizations that are far beyond the “accepted norms” of present day man. These realizations range from explaining the dinosaurs size and weight to explaining the phenomena of Ancient Egypt.


About the Author

Having had many experiences in his life, Michael David Mast studied and worked as a structural engineer while playing fist chair symphony trombone. In Hollywood, he led his own original rhythm and blues band with five horns, including the baritone-sax from Tower of Power who lived with his family through all of 1983. This, Mast’s first publication, includes his most important “new to present day man” realizations of his entire life!


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review