Tiffany The Termite - eBook

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Tiffany The Termite

By: Kimball Bradley


About the Book

Tiffany the Termite is not your average termite. She’s a beautiful termite who hates eating wood, preferring the finer foods in life, and wishes to travel and see the world. The other termites don’t quite understand her, but that is okay! Tiffany will set off on her own adventure and seek independence from her colony. With twists and turns, trouble and new friends, Tiffany makes her way along and embraces the courageous, independent queen she is!

About the Author

Kimball Bradley is an outdoor enthusiast. He enjoys swimming, scuba, free diving, martial arts, archery, cooking, reading and travel. Kimball is the President of a manufacturing company in the Midwest. He is also the father of triplets!


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review