The Welcome Rog

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The Welcome Rog
by Phyllis Tieck

A new boy in a new town, Kenny just doesnt feel like doing anything. He misses his friends and his grandma, and he is hesitant about starting at a new school. What if no one likes him? Will he ever make any new friends?

All of a sudden, he hears a strange noise. Lying next to him is a very unusual creature that sort of looks like a dog but kind of like a rabbit. And, oh! It speaks! Kenny discovers the marvelous creature, called a roga cross between a rabbit and a dog. But why does this strange creature suddenly appear in Kennys life? Read The Welcome Rog to find out!

About the Author:

Music underscored much of Phyllis Tiecks life; she took piano lessons in her youth, she sings in choirs, and she met her future husband in college choir. Later she returned to college, majoring in music, and she received a masters degree. She has been teaching piano for forty-five years.

Writing became a part of the healing process for Phyllis after her husbands death in 1987. He had multiple sclerosis (MS) and was in a wheelchair for the last ten years of his life. Thankfully Phyllis was able to care for him at home. They had a wonderful collection of reel-to-reel tapes, which he could access and keep the music going. Phyllis is a Christian and believes the Spirit comes beside us when we are distressed. Maybe the welcome Rog is a symbol of that comforting Spirit.

(2015, Paperback, 28 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review