The Valkyrie in the West

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The Valkyrie in the West

By: Alaric Araya


About the Book

In the Nordic lands of the legendary Valkyries, Kindra, a young woman determined to prove herself, has spent her entire life training to join their elite ranks. As she finally seems to achieve her dream, something goes wrong – and Kindra finds herself a thousand years in the future, far from her homeland and time. Now stuck in the modern world, she must survive the culture clashes and unfamiliar territory while also surviving the terrifying force from her own place and time. As she seeks to uncover the true reason for her presence in this strange world, she must also prepare for a battle she fears is fast approaching.

About the Author

Alaric Araya spends his time writing and watching movies to gather ideas for new projects. He is also an avid collector of comic books, which has helped him broaden his imagination and creativity. He also exercises avidly and encourages others to maintain fitness through regular exercise as well.


(2023, paperback, 332 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review