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The Truth about the Gift of Faith

By: Kaye Colello


About the Book

In this insightful and inspiring memoir, Kaye Colello brings to light an experience few parents go through. A disorder that few discuss due to its controversial nature. Colello and her husband’s second child was to be a boy, but biologically and chromosomally, her son was really her daughter, their Faith. As parents, they then needed to make a myriad of difficult decisions to ensure the best life for their daughter, from surgery to future medications she will need for the rest of her life. Infused with reflection, honesty, and humor, Colello shares her journey so other parents may know they are not alone in this.

About the Author

Kaye Colello is a middle school teacher who has written the curriculum for an anti-bias/diversity class that melds with English. Additionally, she also works with the Anti-Defamation League to be a voice in the community, working with people, understanding them, and listening to each other’s stories to help them work through their needs and understandings. She works tirelessly for social justice, equality, diversity, and human rights. Colello’s husband Joey is currently wrapping up his lifelong career in management and enjoys working at home on the family farm.

Colello’s daughters, Ruth and Faith, are grown now. Ruth is currently pursuing her PhD in political science. Faith is a junior and is studying for a degree in Digital Media and Design, with a concentration on game design. She also produces music and works as a singer in her spare time.

In her spare time, Colello enjoys teaching hula and performing in public places with her group where she can watch Faith sing.


(2023, eBook)


(2 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    The Truth About the Gift of Faith

    Posted by Bernadette Liua on Jan 24th 2024

    I enjoyed this book immensely. From beginning to end it was written with such compassion and hints of funny sarcasm that kept me as a reader entertained. Such a rare condition to have (CAH). This book helped me gain insight into it. This book is a must read. A delightful read.

  • 5
    The Truth About the Gift of Faith

    Posted by Bernadette Liua on Jan 22nd 2024

    I I found this book to be a truly inspiring book. Told with such emotion and hints of sarcasm it was truly captivating. Couldn't put the book down. From the beginning to end such a heart-felt tale. It's a must read book. If you don't know about the condition of CAH it will educate you. Truly a book worth reading