The Trusted Thief

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The Trusted Thief

By: Anna Rydell


About the Book

Two kingdoms, two powers, one throne… the Dragon will do anything to get it.

Agent of the Dragon, Drake Gantinough, has hid his daughter from his enemy, Duke Valian, for fourteen years, but Gantinough has a secret. Isabella is Valian’s daughter and Gantinough wants her demise. Isabella remains ignorant of her heritage and her father, who guards the King’s throne. As the Guardian’s heir, she is a valuable pawn, and she cannot see her true adversary. Her sequestered world is turned upside-down when a bewildering stranger arrives, claiming her father is not the man he seems.

Fletcher Gantinough struggles between two worlds and the men who govern them. The man he calls father wants nothing less than his rival’s demise and Isabella’s destruction. In a turn of allegiance, Fletcher must choose to betray his upbringing and turn Isabella’s heart back to where it belongs; yet Isabella’s devotion to Gantinough is making it difficult for Fletcher to draw her away from the danger. Isabella wants nothing to do with the dubious stranger, unaware of the Dragon’s presence, waiting to consume her soul.


(2023, paperback, 276 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review