The Tree Singer: Book 1: Earth - eBook

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The Tree Singer: Book 1: Earth

By: Andrew Leon Terrell


About the Book

After Fergus MacKay’s quiet night camping in the desert is interrupted by a confrontation with a Navy SEAL team, he’s determined to find out why. Fergus finally discovers the secret—ten children who have been bred with superior genetics to give them mental and physical attributes beyond that of a normal human. These children escaped captivity from the underground laboratory where they were born and need his help to remain free.

Fergus, with the help of his friends Harry and Jack, hides the children on his rural property and continues their education and training. Even though they’ve been careful, the constant threat of being captured hangs over them. Utilizing their superior intelligence, The Ten formulate a plan to finally put themselves off planet and far beyond the reach of the shadowy government entity that wants them back.


About the Author

Andrew Leon Terrell was an author from Colorado, he passed way in 2019. He spent sixteen years in the Navy and then retired from the National Institute of Standards and Technology. After retiring, he embarked on a new career as an author, and began work on the Tree Singer series. Andrew enjoyed spending time with his family, taking weekly Tai Chi lessons, and studying scripture and spirituality.


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review