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By: Steve Taylor


About the Book

Dorian Smith seems to have everything going for him. Friends love him, people want to be like him, and he has more money and success than one man can handle. It almost seems like his perfect life will never end.

With his best friend David beside him, Dorian is living the life he’s always dreamed. As his company and career expand and his influence hits a global scale, Dorian will soon learn that even those closest to you can harbor a hatred never imagined.

With the event of the year approaching, David begins to gather a secret cohort of friends and associates to enact a plan to knock Dorian off his pedestal and watch him come crashing down.

A story of revenge, betrayal, intrigue, faith, and family drama, The Table is an edge-of-your seat tale about the consequences of success and learning who to trust on your way to the top.


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review