The Special Brother: A Sibling’s Story

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The Special Brother: A Siblings Story
by Karen Waters

Little Ryan is finally going to be a big brother! Today is the day his baby brother David is coming home from the hospital. Ryan is looking forward to playing trucks, building forts, and looking after David.

But life with David isnt much fun. David has so many needs special feedings, loud machines, and tubes everywhere. Mommy and Daddy have to spend so much time with David that they dont have time to play with Ryan.

One night, Ryan asks Mommy why David has to be so different. Mommy helps him understand that, while she may not be able to answer that question, she can answer a much more important one.

Karen Waters second son was born four months premature, leading to significant medical and developmental issues. She wrote The Special Brother to help young children in similar situations understand their new world. With warmth and gentle honesty, she helps them see that, even with challenges, families are always families.

About the Author:

Karen Waters works in social services providing quality early childhood care for at-risk families. She is passionate about helping families and children receive the support they need to navigate lifes challenges.

Karens greatest accomplishment is her two sons. Being mother to Ryan and David is the greatest blessing she has received. She loves watching them grow and seeing how much they give to the world.

Karen lives with her family in Sturbridge, Massachusetts. Her husband, Paul, is an amazing father to Ryan and David. He has supported her in writing The Special Brother.

(2016, Hardcover, 34 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review