The Shabby Tabby

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The Shabby Tabby

By: Mardi Edwards


About the Author

Mardi Edwards is a retired elementary school teacher who taught Kindergarten through fifth grade students and the Reading Recovery program in Ohio for 30 years. She loved reading and sharing picture books of all kinds with her students. For 20 years, she dressed and acted as the Cat in the Hat to encourage reading while celebrating Dr. Seuss's birthday week. She is so happy to share her memories of teaching for Mrs. Napier, the principal, in this book, whom she lives with and is her caregiver now since she is 92 years old. Mardi also lives with her loving husband of 43 years and her calico cat named Queenie. They live in sunny Florida.

Mardi has two sons and two grandsons. She loves helping and teaching her two grandsons to grow as she watches them while their parent's work. She also volunteers to serve dinner to the homeless once a week. She loves to hear their stories. She enjoys teaching in the Sunday children's class at church.

When there is time she goes to dinner at new restaurants, explores new places and walks and swims at the beaches on the Treasure Coast of Florida. In 2019 she wrote four of her personal experience stories as a contributing author in a book published by her writing coach Suzanne Lieurance, Snapshots of Life: Book 2: Stories to Warm the Heart and Tickle the Funnybane. Since then, she has worked hard to write her own children's book to make one of her lifelong dreams come true!


(2024, paperback, 30 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review