The Pumpkin Plant that Almost Ate Our School

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The Pumpkin Plant that Almost Ate Our School
by Frederick B. Williamson, Jr., with illustrations by Chris Congleton

Nancy, a preschool teacher at a school for the deaf, asks the author to plant a pumpkin seed in a flowerbed so the children can see the results that coming fall. Thinking that one little seed cannot be too much trouble, he gladly does as requested.

In the beginning, the plant grows into a cute and healthy vine. But as the summer progresses, the vine continues to grow and begins to cover the flowers in the flowerbed. Next it starts climbing the outside school walls, and he fears the vine may find a crack and push its way inside. He begins to cut back the vine and notices it is also growing up a tree. Upon closer inspection, he finds a beautiful, round, orange pumpkin growing in the tree.

The Pumpkin Plant that Almost Ate Our School is a unique and entertaining story designed for the young reader, and its enclosed illustrations will add to its appeal and entertaining value.

About the Author

Frederick and his wife, Ronnie, and their two children, Pete and Patti, live in Newark, DE. Fred has been writing poetry for thirty years, and this is his first book. Fred stays very busy as a member of Lions Club International.

I thank God for this opportunity, and my most sincere thanks to my wife, Ronnie. I could not have done this without you.

I hope children enjoy this true story of an innocent seed that grew out of control.

(2009, paperback, 26 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review