The Oracles: Beginnings: Earth and Air

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The Oracles: Beginnings: Earth and Air

By: Katherine Madaris


About the Book

A coming of age story about two girls, The Oracles: Beginnings: Earth and Air is also a discovery story of just how close the supernatural is to the natural, how all people are chosen by destiny to play a part in this life, but some are chosen to rise above the ordinary and do the extraordinary.

It is about two seemingly normal girls who make the discovery that they are extraordinary, that they are given naturally power over two of the elements to work with other chosen people in maintaining order in the world. These elements are Earth and Air. The girls must learn to use their gifts which are given by a higher power for the help of the world.

Author Katherine Madaris wants to communicate with this book that it is possible to use your natural gifts to change the world, no matter what they are. She hopes readers take away encouragement and faith in themselves from her book, and that it shows them that the supernatural is not so far away from any of us if we only look.

The Oracles is unique as it attempts to translate the ordinary into the extraordinary while not losing the ordinary. It is a coming of age story that shows that the fantastic and the monumental are not far from us, but they can be available to anyone. It shows people that the fantasy in their own lives need not be so entirely separated from the mundane.


About the Author

Katherine Madaris and her husband share their lives with their awesome fur babies, Wesley, Azul, Hope, Mignonne, and Moe, consisting of both cats and dogs. In addition to writing, Katherine loves to read and translate her degrees in theology and behavioral science from LaGrange College, Emory University, and Liberty University into her life at church and her ongoing relationship with God. God and her deep love of fantasy fiction are teaching Katherine how to translate the ordinary into the extraordinary.


(2021, Paperback, 198 pages)


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