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The Obsidian Mirror

An Anatomy of Obsession

By: J. D. Aponte

About the Book

On a cold, dismal morning in early spring, a schoolgirl is abducted and vanishes without a trace. From that moment on, her destiny is determined by a powerful individual who possesses the capability to systematically manipulate the laws governing society to attain his objectives.

Beneath a façade of beneficence, she is assimilated in a world of wealth and privilege. Immersed in an odyssey spanning two continents, she ostensibly cooperates with the efforts to conceal her true identity secreted within an arranged marriage in a foreign land.

Intrigued by the enigmatic aspects of her disappearance, an investigative reporter becomes suspicious and strives to expose the one responsible for the offense. The endeavor threatening to expose his culpability is thwarted by an incredible sequence of happenstance and the fearful methods employed to impede all efforts to that end.


About the Author

J. D. Aponte was born in New York City and now lives in Pennsylvania.


(2019, eBook)           


(No reviews yet) Write a Review