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The Moon Catcher

By: Ila Ann Longley

About the Book

Evil and Love

Adventure and Prophecy

Magic and Fate


Thousands of generations ago, evil demons of the night tormented men. Only light, especially the silvery beauty of the Moon, could defeat them. An ancient hero fell in love with the Moon and captured Her. He was cruelly tricked and now the Moon wanders the sky, leaving men vulnerable to the demons. The Moon watchers wait for the arrival of the prophesied boy who will capture again the Moon.

                Young Cattaris has always wanted to be a Moon watcher like his father. On a dreadful night, he stops being a watcher and becomes the boy of prophecy. Setting out with his beloved master, the two must take a dangerous journey to recover three magical relics so the Moon can again be caught.

                But the way is dark and dangerous, filled with a powerful soldier, a cunning sorcerer, and an evil king. Cattaris must face his fate with courage and love or all the world will die. The Moon Catcher is an inspiring fantasy fable about the importance of finding your path in life.


About the Author

Ila Ann Longley grew up in Coon Rapids, Iowa. She has a bachelors degree from the University of Iowa and a masters degree from the Golden Gate University. A retired Lieutenant Colonel, she served twenty years in the Air Force. She currently lives in Virginia Beach, Virginia. Her son Adam and daughter-in-law Cori have two children, Bonnie and William.


(2018, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review