The Lazarus Caper

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The Lazarus Caper

By: Glenn H. Davis


About the Book

Lazlo Daven, a rich Beverly Hills playboy, meets the beautiful Miriam Childs while on Spring Break at a Venice Beach nightclub. But when Lazlo and Miriam’s night turns into a nightmare and both end up dead, a mourning Madame Daven, Lazlo’s mother, turns to Dr. Gotham and his five-million-dollar promise of bringing her son back to life.

With Dr. Gotham’s success, Lazlo returns, but his memories of the night are vague, and he begins to find he cannot remember how to do the things he once loved. And with Frey, Miriam’s father, out for blood, Lazlo must keep himself hidden from the world while trying to solve the mystery that surrounds that fateful night, and the new man he has become.

About the Author

Glenn H. Davis currently resides in Henderson, Nevada. He enjoys playing the guitar, weight training, chess, and writing.


(2023, paperback, 286 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review