The Landlord's Complete Guide from A to Z

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The Landlords Complete Guide from A to Z
by Bob & Linda Monahan

After being successful landlords for over 30 years, the authors have put together a collection of some of their most valuable advice to assist other landlords and those aspiring to be landlords. When researching the industry for a guidebook for owners of long term apartments, none could be found except those written by lawyers from a legal perspective. Bob and Linda decided to write their book when a fellow landlord called them regarding a non-paying tenant issue. Bob and Linda skillfully navigated him through the eviction process, but their friend witnessed someone elses failure on the court docket due to a technicality that Bob and Linda had wisely warned him about. The authors hope that readers will use this book as a guide and learn from it while enjoying the experiences discussed in each chapter. There are great advantages to holding onto apartment buildings for the long run, perhaps the greatest being the extra revenue. This extra income can change your life and allow you to live your dreams and adventures.

About the Author:

Besides being a landlord, Bob Monahan is a retired special education teacher and administrator. The last dozen years of his teaching with high school students included a class called Home Repair in which he taught basic electrical, plumbing, room painting, floor tiling and sheetrock repair. His experience with special needs students allowed him to work with social agencies that were looking to place disabled adults into apartments.

Linda Monahan has been a hands-on landlord, doing construction, legal paperwork and social agency work all while being kind yet firm. She is a very organized, highly adventurous who has traveled the country and the world, including Australia and New Zealand for a month-long adventure. She has jumped out of planes, gone spelunking, flown a glider plane, zip lined in Mexico and much more. She has done all of this while being a landlord because being a landlord provided the extra income to lead an adventurous lifestyle. Her motto is: Work hard but play harder.

(2016, Paperback, 120 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review