The Journey of a Mayan Princess

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The Journey of a Mayan Princess
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The Journey of a Mayan Princess
by Nellie Hummel

A powerful empire has risen in the middle of the vast jungle and has survived the test of time and natural calamities. It is in this empire where a princess, despite her royal status and being the emperors only child, experiences the kind of childhood other children her age have. Her curiosity and love for adventure has led her to various discoveries, one of which earns her a very special friendan eagle who devotes its life to protect her from the danger that looms over her and her kingdom.

The empires peaceful and prosperous existence is threatened by the emperors evil cousin who wants the empire to himself. With the evil cousin willing to even sacrifice the princesss life to feed his insatiable greed for wealth and power, not only the entire Mayan kingdom is in danger, but also the prophecies of their ancestors that they need to fulfill until the cycle of time ends and another era begins.

About the Author

Nellie Hummel was born in Sonora, Mexico where she also grew up listening to her grandmothers tales about the Mayan people. She eventually moved to Tucson, Arizona where has been for the thirty years. She is now retired and in the process of writing the sequel of this book.

(2012, paperback, 30 pages)