The Grandma Diaries

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The Grandma Diaries

by Kishan Mills

About the Book

The Grandma Diaries is complete fiction set in the state of Florida. These are two short stories of women who balance family and business with a sense of humor and wisdom. They’re grandmothers, Milly Blackwood and Jackie VanDoren, who bring us joy and laughter. Milly, age seventy, runs a brothel in a trailer park, surrounded by rednecks. Jackie VanDoren is a widow in her fifties struggling to keep her head above water during a pandemic. These stories will keep you cheering for grandma.



About the Author

Kishan Mills has friends and family that inspired him to create characters and stories that need to be told. There are those of us that are underestimated as being meek and quiet. Like the characters Milly and Jackie, adversity is a motivator. Prove the haters wrong and reap the rich blessings God provides. 


(2021, paperback, 144 pages)


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(No reviews yet) Write a Review