The Final Keystone

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The Final Keystone

The Final Keystone

By: John Kevin Crowley


About the Book

Every case in the history of Jurisprudence involves three things: Trust, Betrayal, and Accountability. Through his education, studies, and observations and experiences, author John Kevin Crowley has learned the interconnection of history, law, philosophy, and religion with the human condition. How that relationship has played out in human history leading to present day is a focus of The Final Keystone. This treatise is the story of us and the source of the lessons left unlearned. It is a reminder of what does not work and how what does work must be ever vigilantly guarded.


About the Author

John Kevin Crowley has been a trial attorney in California for the past forty-one years.


(2021, Paperback, 140 Pages)


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    Posted by Suzanne Covell on May 27th 2021

    Excellent book! This author takes the reader on a historical journey from Socrates to the present en route to unlocking the potential of a brighter future. He masterfully intertwines politics, philosophy, psychology, religion and thought provoking resolutions so we do not repeat the failures of the past. Insightful and a worthwhile read!