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The Demon of Table Mesa

By: John Waddell


About the Book

Jacob and his two friends come across an old spirit board game they find in the attic. As the three become immersed in the game, they become a part of a story about Jacob’s ancestors, who were involved in a massacre of a Native American village, which existed in the 1800s during the Indian wars.

With a desire to fix the injustices of his ancestors of the past, Jacob must travel through the “Portal to When.” When arriving in the year 1852, Jacob is adopted by the leader of the village.

The Demon of Table Mesa is indeed a tale of demons—and while experiencing evil, Jacob must learn about the good and evil within himself.


About the Author

John Waddell grew up in South Boulder, Colorado, where he spent his childhood hiking all of the trails around Boulder. He imagined this story as he traveled the trails.

John is an avid outdoors person who enjoys hiking, biking, camping, traveling, and writing short stories and travel stories. His website is


(2020, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review