The Combination of 3 - Happiness Is the Way Forward

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The Combination of 3 - Happiness Is the Way Forward
by Joan Thomas

The Combination of 3: Happiness Is the Way Forward offers a revealing and powerful guide to a personal discipline that seeks to cultivate a more complete understanding of lifes journeys. Joan Thomas asserts that happiness is the way forward with this transformative self-development practice. By balancing three aspects of spiritual awarenessaffirmations, meditation, and prayerwe can develop higher levels of consciousness and find fulfillment and meaning in our daily experiences while also tapping in to the assistance available to each of us from our spirit guides.

With detailed and insightful suggestions for daily practices in each of the three components, The Combination of 3 promises to aid readers in finding a more unified reality path with greater satisfaction and peace along the way.

About the Author

Joan Thomas is a native of Jamaica who was inspired to write The Combination of 3 as a result of her personal struggles and hardships in life. The authors interests in her own life journey includes writing, spiritual teacher and speaker.

Joan is a qualified Reiki Master and clairvoyant.

(2013, Paperback, 62 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review