The Alphabet Marches On: Into Words Making Stories - eBook

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The Alphabet Marches On: Into Words Making Stories

By: Cinder Albright


About the Book

The Alphabet Marches On contains one story for every letter of the alphabet, emphasizing that letter in different ways, some stories more than others. The stories are unique in characters, fun, entertaining, happy, and mildly educational. What the author hopes for her readers is to be entertained, relaxed in attitude, with a calm sense that God and his goodness are always with us and around us, bringing joy to our lives in the smallest of ways and the biggest. She hopes to bring a bit of God’s light to hearts, happiness, and fun!


About the Author

Cinder Albright has raised her family, mostly being a stay-at-home wife and mother. She had different jobs while her husband was in school and when her family was older. She has always wanted to be a homemaker and mother. She taught religious education classes for many years and was involved with pro-life efforts and awareness in her church. She is enjoying these years by spending time devoting her gifts in the way of writing to others. She has always hoped to be able to do this, and here she is, happy and thankful!


(2023, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review