The Adventures of Morag and Willow

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The Adventures of Morag and Willow

By: Douglas M. Gebbie


About the Book

Morag, a little terrier, and Willow, a large, retired racing greyhound, are two dogs that live together but have very different backgrounds. As they talk and grow closer as friends, they learn how humans live along with some life lessons. 

About the Author

Douglas M. Gebbie is a medical graduate of Glasgow University who is now retired. As a physician, he served two years in the Royal Navy before starting his professional career as a general practitioner, first in a remote part of Newfoundland and then in Brampton, Ontario where he returned to school to become an anesthesiologist. He became a lecturer at Toronto University, then a professor at the University of Cincinnati. He was married and has four children, a boy and three girls. He now resides in Naples, FL and looks after Morag, who is the sweetest, happiest terrier imaginable. Willow belongs to a close family friend named Lesley.


(2023, paperback, 50 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review