The Adventures of Buddy and Me

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by Audra Gale A little girl is very sad until Buddy comes into her life and takes her on a magical adventure. First they travel to Italy. The girl is a bit frightened, but Buddy makes her feel safe. Together they climb big beautiful hills and then roll back down. After they frolic in a meadow, they meet a fairy by a pond. The fairy encourages them to go swimming. Buddy teaches the girl how to stare at the sky and see various creatures in the clouds. The little girl hopes that her fun with Buddy will never end. The next day, she is ready for more adventures but is so disappointed to find out that Buddy has been taken away. Will she ever see Buddy again? ABOUT THE AUTHOR Audra Gale is an Employment and Training specialist living in Atwater, California, with her husband, Ken. She has three children: Michael, Kathryn, and Britany. She enjoys going to the ocean, photography, writing, and spending time with her grandson, Eli. The Adventures of Buddy and Me is her first published book. (2007, paperback, 32 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review