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By: M. Robert North


About the Book

Her heritage, the Ukraine. She rides and fights like a man, she is beautiful, dangerous and sometimes wanton. Tatania is an unforgettable story of love, lust, whirling battles, action, magic, forged by generations of survival in the chaos of the Middle Ages.


Tatania, the daughter of Emil and Jodi. Beautiful, strong, trained for war, Tatania is an exact physical image of Jodi. Her lifestyle when growing to a young woman was also the same, much to the chagrin of her cousin, Yuri, who brought her to the Carpathian Mountains to save her from the Tartars and Vladimir’s Cossacks. Appearing to be a wild, lusty teenager, chasing from one village to another, she devotes her life to raising armies to fight Vladimir and the Tartars, and to avenge her mother’s death. She rides and fights like a man, she is beautiful, dangerous, and sometimes wanton. The story of Tatania is like her mother’s: an unforgettable story of love, swirling battles, lust, magic, and action, forged by generations of survival in the chaos of the Middle Ages. Etienne remains as her guardian. The rest of the amazing, thrilling, battle-filled, sometimes loving, other times brutal story follows. How much is real  and how much is fiction? Only the restless winds know. 


About the Author

M. Robert North is a world-renowned fencing master and a writer for the Association Mondiale Des Académies d'armes Nationale. His teaching manual is in the permanent library at the Olympic Camp. He has turned out many individual and team champions, ranging from local to international levels as well as many championships as the Head Fencing Coach at UCLA. He was inducted into the UCLA ATHLETIC HALL OF FAME IN 2011. He trained many celebrities, including Alan Alda, Toni Curtis, Frank Langella, Neil Diamond, and many more. His choreographic artistry is immortalized in many Hollywood swashbuckling movies. He brings together his passion for martial arts, stagecraft, and drama to another marvelous story, the sequel to Jodi: Tatania.

The author will donate $5.00 to Ukraine for every book sold.

(2022, paperback, 468 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review