Sydney & Sakura: Inferno Rift

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Sydney & Sakura: Inferno Rift

By: H.R. Chambers

About the Book

“You have GOT to be kidding me!”
she thought in disbelief.
“Am I holding a sword?”

Sixteen-year-old Sydney is a relatively behaved teen. She keeps to herself, takes ballet classes, and excels in school. Life is busy, but it’s good. It’s just her and her mom against the world, with everything as it should be.
Until one fateful afternoon….

In the blink of an eye, Sydney is plunged into an interdimensional conflict and discovers a long-kept secret of her heritage. She endures harsh training and must defeat her own inner struggles in order to save the world she’s grown up in and the world her parents once called home.

About the Author

H.R. Chambers grew up in California where she loved reading books by Judy Blume and writing short stories. She graduated from college with a degree in Child Development in 2005 and worked for almost twenty years in the field, including owning and operating a daycare for nine years.

She currently lives in Arizona and is in the process of making writing her full-time career. She is married (going on 18 years) and is mother to two children and the best dog in the world. When not writing, H.R. enjoys reading, playing Animal Crossings: New Horizons and celebrating Halloween all year long.  

(2023, paperback, 204 pages)

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(2 reviews) Write a Review

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  • 5
    Hollywood, are you listening? Your next blockbuster is here!

    Posted by Shawn Ingram, author of Yellow Hoodie on May 22nd 2023

    Such a fun-filled, action-packed ride filled with joy and no shortage of ‘feels.’ It surprised me how quickly I emotionally invested in Sydney, a teenage girl who is thrust into a battle she knows nothing about. H.R. Chambers wastes no time in pulling you into her story; she hits the ground running and never lets up! You can’t help but be swept along for the ride. Her confusion becomes your confusion. Her desire to see her loved ones safe becomes your desire. A nonstop roller-coaster ride that leaves the reader engaged and entertained. I cried several times during the reading of this book. Please hurry with the sequel Mrs. Chambers! I was given a complimentary copy of this book. It was an honor to read it, and I look forward to all future works by this promising author!

  • 5
    Couldn't put it down!

    Posted by Susan Mata on Apr 27th 2023

    The moment I first saw the cover, I was intrigued. This action packed fantasy story rolled off the page into my imagination as an anime style adventure. The characters are well developed and full of emotion, especially the feisty main character Sydney as her life is flipped upside down. The settings, in all realms, are descriptive and colorful. The plot takes twists and turns that aren’t expected, which is everything you want in a good read. This is a satisfying debut novel by the author and the ending leaves you hoping that the next book in the promised series will be out sooner than later so we can see what happens next to Sydney and Sakura.