She Could Be You

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She Could Be You

by Margaret Joeline Brinson

About the Book

We all have feelings that we may or may not take time to assess. These poems were written to express and convey these feelings. Even though actions speak louder than words; words help us face the challenges we are dealing with in our lives: time, racism, inequality, injustice, independence, as well as peace, love, and mortality.

About the Author

Margaret Joeline Brinson, a native of North Carolina and middle child of ten children, is the author of My Branch of Life; a book of poems published in 2019. She served her country in the United States Marine Corps; she also held government positions in Washington, DC. Her capable administrative skills have served her well in the private sector and educational fields in both New York and North Carolina. When she is not busy writing or traveling either overseas or domestically, or attending the Olympic Games, when possible, she volunteers her services at a local hospital in Florida, where she now resides.

(2022, paperback, 66 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review