Secrets of Those That Are

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Secrets of Those That Are
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Secrets of Those That Are
by Carly Robbins

Katelynn Anthony is a quirky and beautiful Southern Belle, working as a registered nurse in Silver Cove Retirement Center in Hidden Beach on the coast of New York. There she meets the elderly Lera McConnell, a sweet lady she has taken a liking to. Though Katelynn cares deeply for all her charges, Ms. Lera, as she calls her, holds a special place in the Southern Belles heart. They spend many nights talking about Ms. Leras past, about her life as a child, and as a young woman in love. The love of Ms. Leras life, Navar, her guardian, the lord of Go-Barth Castle, a knight of old, was a vampire who was hundreds of years older than she.

While listening to the story of Ms. Leras life, the young nurse is captivated by what she thinks is an entertaining story. Little does Katelynn know that the things told to her by Ms. Lera are neither fictional nor flights of fancy. There is purpose in Ms. Lera telling Katelynn her history because she knows in her heart that she has found the perfect keeper for her secrets. All the while, evil lurks around both women because of the power in the secrets that Ms. Lera possesses and is passing to Katelynn; a cure for the vampire virus.

About the Author

The author, Carly Robbins, was visiting at the rest home where her mother was taking physical therapy. As they walked down the hall it occurred to Carly that some of the wonderful residents living within these walls may have lived fascinating lives. This is where the alluring tale of love, hope, and orchids came to life. Carly has never believed in a world without hope, be it fictional or real. One of the things that always bothered her about vampire stories was the fact that they lost their soul and all hope through no fault of their own.

(2013, paperback, 308 pages)