Scholastic Success Strategies

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Scholastic Success Strategies
by Tim Connolly

Plan for the future. Be successful.

In Scholastic Success Strategies, Tim Connolly shares his own tested experiences in becoming scholastically thriving and gives out easy-to-follow approaches toward a goal-oriented future.

Having been an achiever himself, attaining a degree in literature and the status of valedictorian in a technical institute, Connolly willingly aides the hopefuls to become successful someday, just like him.

Make each day a new beginning, practice makes perfect, keeping bright and alert, and keep agendas on track are some of the few strategies one can develop toward one goal: success.

About the Author

Tim Connolly is a university graduate with a degree in literature. He obtained straight As while attending a Pacific Coast college and is valedictorian of a technical institute. For years of teaching, a certificate of appreciation was given.

He began to learn early the fundamentals of teaching and citizenship at 4-H, where he enjoyed gardening and horsemanship and won ribbons at the fair.

Tim has a bachelor of arts degree and is an author, singer, and songwriter.

(2010, paperback, 34 pages)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review