Scarred Psyche: Songs of Efefe - eBook

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Scarred Psyche: Songs of Efefe

By: Olufemi A. Togun


About the Book

Scarred Psyche – Songs of Efefe is an expository poetic satire from a historical perspective. These are the tales from the perspective of a woman who is forced into prostitution by circumstances beyond her control, one brought on by a civil war in her country, the rehabilitation that follows, and the aftermath of events are told in poetic expositions. The historical, expository tales are told through events as perceived by an individual from a victim’s perspective.


About the Author

Olufemi A. Togun has previously published works; the first, Hard Knocks, is a novel about human trafficking, child prostitution, crime, and drug abuse in Africa. The second, All that Glitters, is a novel about spiritual warfare focused on man’s ventures devoid of divine guidance and protection. The books can be found on,, by typing the author’s name (Olufemi A. Togun) into the search boxes at the sites.

(2022, eBook)


(No reviews yet) Write a Review