Sam and Mack: A Boy and His Dog

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Sam and Mack: A Boy and His Dog

By: Sherinda Ryter


About the Book

Nine-year-old Sam Milner and his dog, Mack, find themselves having adventures wherever they go! Sam, a fourth grader, would much rather explore the woods with Mack or play soccer with his best friend, Joey, than go to school! Thankfully, Mack helps Sam complete a social studies project, get an idea for a Halloween costume, and even solve a mystery from the attic! Fantasy, adventure, and real-life experiences keep the reader guessing what Sam and Mack will get into next!

About the Author

Sherinda Ryter and her dog Hayley live in New York state where they enjoy hiking and playing fetch! Ryter, an avid gardener, also enjoys spinning wool and creating whimsical paintings. She is writing a mystery novel for adults and, of course, she loves to read! She has three grown children and four grandchildren, from whom she has gotten many ideas for her Sam and Mack stories.


(2023, paperback, 212 pages)

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(No reviews yet) Write a Review